An open letter to the Attorney General, Dept. of Justice, and President Donald J. Trump

We, the American people, demand an immediate investigation into Immigration Voice, its leader, Aman Kapoor, and their possible illegal corruption ties to congress and former congress members such as former Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder.

It has come to our attention, a group of concerned US citizens, that Mr. Yoder and other members of our government may possibly be taking bribes and other donations from foreign lobbying groups such as Immigration Voice, who seek to change our immigration laws.

We The People demand an immediate investigation into the parties mentioned above.

The United States government should represent the American people, not foreign lobbying groups seeking to change our country's laws.

The American people have a right to know exactly what Immigration Voice's relationship to such members of congress is, and whether any illegal activity is taking place.

Thank You,

Skilled Americans for Immigration Fairness


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Ethics complaint against Rep. Kevin Yoder alleges pay-for-play with payday loan industry



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